Monday, July 16, 2012

Shit on Your Neighbor

Everybody loves Dinkleberg.
          This is a game that I love to play with a large group of people who "deny" being card players. It's simple, takes five minutes to learn, and despite the title's appearance, is actually appropriate for people of any age. This game doubles as a conversation piece, but beware: you may end up making as many enemies as friends. You may or may not lose your existing friends as well. Sometimes I play this game by myself.

The Basics:

  • At least 1 deck of cards, without jokers
  • 2+ players; better with more people!
  • 3 tokens per person (e.g. quarters, chips)
  • Objective: Be the last person with tokens by never having the lowest card.
  • The morality of a competitive arse
  1. One player, the dealer, gives one card face-down to everyone at the table, including his or her self.  The dealer rotates each game.
  2. The player left of the dealer begins. After looking at their card, they can decide whether or not to trade with the person to their left ("shitting"). Aces are low.
  3. If the neighbor has a King, they can reject the trade by flipping it over, and saying whatever derogatory phrase they want. Otherwise, they are forced to give up their card.
  4. Each player has this choice until play goes to the dealer. 
  5. On the dealer's turn, he or she can either keep their card or take the top card off of the remaining deck.
  6. All of the cards are then flipped over, and the player(s) with the lowest value must throw a chip into the pot. 
  7. In the case of a tie between two people who are both on their last token, another game is played.
  8. The player with the last token gets everyone else's.
Additional Notes:

        Some people I play with play on their honor, in which a person's "honor" (nothing) is their last token. My mama raised me not to throw away my honor that quickly, though.

Clarifications, questions, or comments? Always willing to help.